Monday, February 11, 2008

writer's block

This daily posting thing is hard! I have no idea what to write. :-p I feel like I ramble a lot as it is, but on a day like today, when I'm tired after a long day, it can be difficult to come up with something.

Sarah and I traveled to Greeneville for Kindermusik today. She was supposed to bring a homemade instrument. We took a box and taped it shut, and Sarah decorated it with drawings and stickers. It now makes a very nice homemade drum. :) We needed another drum, you know! ;)

Sarah has also discovered a new Disney movie she likes: The Aristocats! It's a nice break from Cinderella, I must say. :)

I am participating in a women's Bible study on Monday evenings called, appropriately enough, For Women Only. It's based on the book by Shaunti Feldhahn, and it has been quite good so far. It just makes Monday a very long day. :)

I guess I will close by bragging on my hubby a bit. He's working hard at his new job (he's actually a bit stiff and sore right now from some physical labor he's having to do), and I know he is tired after the long day and the commute home from Bristol. But he does solo parenting on Monday and Tuesday evenings so I can go to Bible study and aerobics (and trust me, Sarah can be exhuasting!). And he's still in classes as well, working toward his degree, so he has schoolwork to keep up with. (He's making good grades too!). So here is just a public declaration of "Nelson, I'm proud of you, and I appreciate all that you do." :)

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