Saturday, February 11, 2012

my kids are weird...

...really, really weird. 

What?  You want examples?  Fine.

A couple of days ago, we finished the last of the pickles we had.  Sarah and Natalie immediately wanted two straws.  Yes, they wanted to drink the pickle juice.  This isn't the first time they've drained the pickle jar after all the pickles were gone.  It is the first time they used straws.  It was like an old-fashioned soda shoppe, only they were sharing pickle juice instead of ice cream soda.  I'd rather have the soda, personally.

Natalie prefers things cold.  She will drain a cup of cold coffee in approximately 2.2 seconds.  She loves the baked oatmeal recipe I make, and she usually eats about half the batch.  She likes it cold though (can I just say right now that cold oatmeal just freaks me out a bit?  Even more than pickle juice!).

Natalie also named one of her wounds the other day.  I wish I'd thought to take a picture so I could properly introduce you to "Mark the Scratch."  That one actually makes sense.  A scratch is a mark on the body.  Perfectly logical. 

I still think gulping pickle juice and eating cold oatmeal is weird though.

Nelson says I can't blame his genes.

My grandfather liked cold eggs. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

word order

Language is funny.  In Latin, the order of words in a sentence does not matter one whit.  Puella poetam amat means the same thing as poetam puella amat.  Scramble the words around any old way; it won't change the meaning.  It's the ending on the words themselves that dictates meaning, not word order. 

This is not so with English.  The girl loves the poet does not mean the same thing as the poet loves the girl.  Order matters.

Most children seem to get word order "wrong" at some point.  Both girls went through phases where they would say, "Carry you?" when in fact they wanted me to carry them.  This morning, Natalie woke up before Sarah.  Natalie started munching some granola for breakfast.  Knowing that Sarah would be up soon and would also want some granola as well, Natalie proclaimed her desire to share with her sister.  "I want to feed my Sarah to the granola!" 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

get it?

Sarah loves jokes right now.  She loves watching The Muppet Show for the music and the guest stars, but she also loves the jokes (bad as some of them are).  She loves a game on her Leapster that tells jokes.  She tells all the jokes she knows, over and over again.

She keeps trying her hand at making up her own jokes.  Unfortunately, she hasn't quite figured exactly how jokes work, so her own usually fall somewhat flat.  They are either not funny, make no sense, or both.  An example would be this morning's attempt: "How do cats like their eggs?  Meowed!" 

However, she did have one successful effort.  Yesterday she came up with this one: "What do you call a chicken with no feathers?  Dinner!"