Tuesday, February 24, 2015

snow pictures

I won't deny being a bit tired of snow and cold. 

But...It's so gorgeous. I stepped out on our deck for a few minutes. It's still and quiet and so peaceful and blanketed in pure white. The snow clinging to the evergreens makes it look like a picture on a postcard. I really wish I could do it justice, but these photos don't begin to capture it. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

winter wonderland

It started snowing yesterday, and this morning we had a gorgeous white blanket outside. The girls have been hoping for snow all winter, so they were over the moon with excitement that it was finally here. Sarah started building a snow fort and making snow angels. I dug their sled out of the shed.

As I type this, Sarah is still outside sledding. Natalie is inside, changing out of her wet clothers. Turns out she likes the idea of snow far more than the reality of snow.

I remember noticing when she was just an infant that Natalie got cold easily. Even now, she likes lots and lots of blankets piled on her bed at night. The problem she has with snow? It's cold. Within just a few minutes, she wasn't just complaining of the chill but sobbing hysterically. "The cold! It hurts!" 

So now she's in dry clothes and sipping warm milk. I don't think she'll do much more than look out the window at the snow from here on out. Bummer. (Although that's my favorite way to enjoy the snow!) 

But it is awfully pretty just looking at it. Here are some photos taken from out deck. 

You can sort of see Sarah preparing to sled down the hill in this one.