Saturday, July 11, 2009

some June photos

Just random particular order and no commentary. :)

Splash Pad

Our city recently opened a small water play park. It has sprinklers and sprayers and such and is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day...especially since it's free! :) A group from our church has been meeting there for play dates once a week. Sarah loves it! Here are some photos of the fun!


I don't seem to be keeping up with posting here very well. So now I have a bunch of "back logs" to post. We'll see how many I can actually get through! ;)

Here's a quick story before I try to start uploading photos: a few mornings ago I was feeding Natalie. I had just woken up and was feeling rather groggy and sleep-fogged. Sarah was sitting on the bed next to me, waiting for me to finish with Natalie so I could fix her something to eat. Drowsily I decided to tease Sarah a little bit.

"I'm still sleepy, Sarah," I said. "Why don't I go back to sleep? You take care of Natalie."

Sarah's eyes grew wide. "But, Mommy," she whispered, "I don't have any milk!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah at Meadowview Gymnastics

We just started Sarah in a gymnastics class at the local gymnastics gym. This is a short video from her first class 2 weeks ago, as the class ended the morning on the zip line.

This morning the class swam through the ball pit, did straddle jumps, and ran on the trampoline.