Friday, January 29, 2010

The Spark

For awhile now, I have been a member of the online weight loss community of Spark People. I have made good friends there while tracking food eaten, calories burned through exercise, and my own pounds and inches lost. I even have a blog there (that makes 3 blogs...I have quite the little collection going, don't I?)

There is now a best-selling book called The Spark. And you can download a free chapter from it. If you do, I get credit for it! So go ahead and help a girl out and download a free chapter here. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

trying to get caught up...

I am having issues getting pictures off of our camera right now. I wanted to post our beautiful snow pictures as well as some Christmas pictures (we are so far past the holidays that no one is going to care when I finally get them up!). But the camera simply will NOT give up those pictures. I'm still working on it, but it's on the back burner for now (more on that in a minute). In the meantime, my dad gave me a thumb drive with some of his pictures. I will get those off and share those if I can (although the problem may be with my my computer...I had trouble loading pictures from a CD as well. So it may have to wait for Nelson to have time).

As for why it's on the back burner...Natalie is sick again. She has another ear infection and is on an antibiotic for that. She is also on albuterol for wheezing in her chest. The albuterol is making her have trouble sleeping. She isn't napping well AT ALL, which is making her very cranky and irritable. And she isn't sleeping for very long stretches at night, making her MORE cranky and irritable. Last night she finally made it four hours...the longest she's had in awhile. So I'm kind of cranky and irritable myself. :-p

Ironically, before starting the medicine regimen, although she was clearly congested and coughing a lot (and not sleeping well due to the coughing), she wasn't really crabby and didn't seem to feel all that bad. Sigh....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

food, toys, and doors

Just a few miscellaneous things to "jot" down before I forget...

Natalie likes food. A lot. She still nurses frequently, and she eats a wide variety of solid foods. Actually, she hasn't turned anything down yet. That whole "you must introduce a new food 7-13 before a child will accept it" does not apply to her. She devours it all with gusto...and in quantity.

On New Year's Day, we went to the home of some friends for games, football, soup, and snacks. I had made rolls for the occasion, and I was feeding Natalie bites of roll. As is frequently the case, I wasn't feeding her fast enough. At one point, I grabbed a tortilla chip and dip for me. Natalie, of course thinking the goodie should be hers, opened her mouth. When I put the chip in my mouth instead, she leaned forward, mouth still open wide, trying to get the chip from my mouth! I've never seen anything like it.

In other (more recent) Natalie news, she's got quite a few new toys from Christmas. She also has been venturing into Sarah's playroom to explore some of Sarah's toys (I have to watch her carefully here). Toys that make noise are fine. Stuffed animals are fine. However, stuffed animals that make noise scare her witless! A little dog that sings and talks when you squeeze its paw makes her cry. And Sarah's frog Satch (which sings Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World") makes her scream. She is absolutely terrified of the thing.

Oh, and there is one quiet stuffed animal that also frightens her. She received a bear for Christmas...a huge, bigger-than-she-is bear. She cries when she sees it. :(

Sarah is having a hard time with doors over the past couple of days. Last night, trying to shut the door to the stairs, she pinched her thumb in the door. This morning after church, she smacked her arm with the car door while trying to close it. I actually shut the car door on my leg yesterday afternoon, so maybe she caught it from me!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wish...

...I could bottle up baby giggles and listen to them years from now. Is here any better sound in the world?

...the same thing for baby babbling. They make such precious, adorable sounds as they try to form words. could have seen Natalie offering her pacifier to her reflection in the mirror this morning. :) Such a sweet, generous (albeit pointless) gesture. Pretty funny too!

...that Sarah snuggled up in my arms like a baby to fall asleep like she did last night a little more often.

...that it would warm up! We have now broken the record for most consecutive days below freezing here. It's COLD here, people!!

(Well, I couldn't keep being sappy for the entire post, now could I?) ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

wrapping up 2009, looking forward to 2010

My first post of the new year...and it's mostly a promise of posts to come! :-p Kind of sad. I wish I had some deep, profound, get-the-new-year-off-to-a-good-start kind of post for you, but I don't. But here's what I hope to get caught up on here over the next few days.

1. Snow. We had a big, beautiful snow here a week before Christmas. I managed to get one or two decent photos of it. Sarah had a terrific time playing in it!

2. Christmas. Gotta post those holiday pictures!

3. Updates on day to day life. (Funny stories, pictures, etc.)

4. More as I think of it! :)

Happy New Year! May God bless you in 2010!