Sunday, January 10, 2010

food, toys, and doors

Just a few miscellaneous things to "jot" down before I forget...

Natalie likes food. A lot. She still nurses frequently, and she eats a wide variety of solid foods. Actually, she hasn't turned anything down yet. That whole "you must introduce a new food 7-13 before a child will accept it" does not apply to her. She devours it all with gusto...and in quantity.

On New Year's Day, we went to the home of some friends for games, football, soup, and snacks. I had made rolls for the occasion, and I was feeding Natalie bites of roll. As is frequently the case, I wasn't feeding her fast enough. At one point, I grabbed a tortilla chip and dip for me. Natalie, of course thinking the goodie should be hers, opened her mouth. When I put the chip in my mouth instead, she leaned forward, mouth still open wide, trying to get the chip from my mouth! I've never seen anything like it.

In other (more recent) Natalie news, she's got quite a few new toys from Christmas. She also has been venturing into Sarah's playroom to explore some of Sarah's toys (I have to watch her carefully here). Toys that make noise are fine. Stuffed animals are fine. However, stuffed animals that make noise scare her witless! A little dog that sings and talks when you squeeze its paw makes her cry. And Sarah's frog Satch (which sings Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World") makes her scream. She is absolutely terrified of the thing.

Oh, and there is one quiet stuffed animal that also frightens her. She received a bear for Christmas...a huge, bigger-than-she-is bear. She cries when she sees it. :(

Sarah is having a hard time with doors over the past couple of days. Last night, trying to shut the door to the stairs, she pinched her thumb in the door. This morning after church, she smacked her arm with the car door while trying to close it. I actually shut the car door on my leg yesterday afternoon, so maybe she caught it from me!

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Lauri Dilbeck said...

Natalie sounds like my kind of girl. Food! It is one of God's best creations, isn't it?

Sarah must be going through a growth spurt. I remember my kids were so clumsy when they were growing. I'm clumsy now, but not for the same reasons! :)