Monday, January 17, 2011

biker babes

I think both girls have a future as biker chicks.

Remember this post?  Sarah hopped on the back of a child's motorized vehicle without hesitation.

It turns out she also has an obsession with tattoos.  Temporary tattoos, thankfully.  But she's passing it on to Natalie.

With some of her Christmas money, Sarah got some temporary tattoos at Wal-Mart.  She was super excited about this.  She could not wait to apply the tattoos to "make [herself] beautiful."  The pack included things like rainbows and butterflies and flowers.

She's been tattooing the whole household.  Natalie loves it.

Every time Natalie pulls up a sleeve or otherwise sees one of the tattoos Sarah has bestowed on her, she enthusiastically proclaims, "NICE!"  She can say tattoo too.  It sounds kind of like TAT-too, or sometimes TAT-tow.  When she discovered some her tattoos were coming off, she woefully held up her now unadorned arm and said, "Want TAT-too?"

As long as the tattoos stay temporary, I think we'll be okay.  :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 top ten

Choosing your Top 10 favorite blogs is HARD.  I like so many of them, and they're all my favorites!  But here is my best effort...for today, anyway.  Tomorrow I might have a whole different list!  :-p

10. Doctor Who fan series--review I'm not stupid; I know that no one cared about this post except for me.  But I was so excited to have been asked to review this series.  It was like I was a kid in elementary school again, and I got picked for the team.

9. A Few More Pictures  I love this post because of the multi-generational photos.  We don't get to see Nelson's side of the family nearly often enough, and so these pictures are precious.

8. Ponderings and Reflections A little deeper than my normal anecdotes-about-the-children fare.

7. A Few Random Photos Some sweet pictures of everyday stuff.

6. Got Yo?  I love how babies mispronounce words as they are first learning to talk.  I also loved that Natalie has already figured out that her frozen treats are different from the rest of us.  So this post wins on two counts.  Well, I confess to liking the title too; I thought it was rather clever.

5. I Can't Believe... A sweet story of Natalie trying to imitate her big sister.

4. I wish... One of those daily updates of things I will want to remember one day...with a humorous twist at the end.  :)

3. A Great New Skill... I thought Sarah's logic was sound, even if her results weren't exactly correct. 

2. I Have Seen a Vision of the Future.  I'm not sure the story was as hilarious in print as it was in person.  But watching it happen was one of THE funniest things I have ever seen.

1. Natalie's First Birthday.  How could this not be my favorite of 2010?