Monday, January 17, 2011

biker babes

I think both girls have a future as biker chicks.

Remember this post?  Sarah hopped on the back of a child's motorized vehicle without hesitation.

It turns out she also has an obsession with tattoos.  Temporary tattoos, thankfully.  But she's passing it on to Natalie.

With some of her Christmas money, Sarah got some temporary tattoos at Wal-Mart.  She was super excited about this.  She could not wait to apply the tattoos to "make [herself] beautiful."  The pack included things like rainbows and butterflies and flowers.

She's been tattooing the whole household.  Natalie loves it.

Every time Natalie pulls up a sleeve or otherwise sees one of the tattoos Sarah has bestowed on her, she enthusiastically proclaims, "NICE!"  She can say tattoo too.  It sounds kind of like TAT-too, or sometimes TAT-tow.  When she discovered some her tattoos were coming off, she woefully held up her now unadorned arm and said, "Want TAT-too?"

As long as the tattoos stay temporary, I think we'll be okay.  :)


Tara said...

And at least she picked our pretty, girly tattoos instead of skulls or snakes. :)

This is really funny because I simply cannot envision either of those girls as a biker chick! :) Next thing you know, they'll want their ears pierced. Watch out Mama!! :) lol

Jeannie said...

Grandma is praying this is a (quickly) passing phase.

karen said...


Sarah has already asked about ear piercing, funnily enough.

Tara said...

Oh boy! :)

You can tell Sarah the story of Aunt Tara getting a magnetic earring and putting it in her nose. My aunt, my parents and my friend's parents all completely flipped out thinking I got my nose pierced. It was nice to be able to pull it off so quickly and avoid any heart attacks...

It WAS April 1st but no one thought of THAT first. :)

Anyway, a magnetic stud is a good way to try out a piercing to see if you really want one. :)

I'll try to find Sarah a mini leather jacket for her birthday...

karen said...

Lol. TJ did a magnetic nose ring once.

Truthfully, I'm not sure I can really see anyone as girly as Sarah in a leather jacket...unless it was super cute. As you said, even the tattoos she picked were girly.

And I doubt either of them will ever REALLY be biker chicks...but it was a fun post to write! :)

Tara said...

Oh yeah, Sarah could totally rock a pink leather jacket! Maybe with a few girly sequins like flowers and butterflies. :)