Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 top ten

Choosing your Top 10 favorite blogs is HARD.  I like so many of them, and they're all my favorites!  But here is my best effort...for today, anyway.  Tomorrow I might have a whole different list!  :-p

10. Doctor Who fan series--review I'm not stupid; I know that no one cared about this post except for me.  But I was so excited to have been asked to review this series.  It was like I was a kid in elementary school again, and I got picked for the team.

9. A Few More Pictures  I love this post because of the multi-generational photos.  We don't get to see Nelson's side of the family nearly often enough, and so these pictures are precious.

8. Ponderings and Reflections A little deeper than my normal anecdotes-about-the-children fare.

7. A Few Random Photos Some sweet pictures of everyday stuff.

6. Got Yo?  I love how babies mispronounce words as they are first learning to talk.  I also loved that Natalie has already figured out that her frozen treats are different from the rest of us.  So this post wins on two counts.  Well, I confess to liking the title too; I thought it was rather clever.

5. I Can't Believe... A sweet story of Natalie trying to imitate her big sister.

4. I wish... One of those daily updates of things I will want to remember one day...with a humorous twist at the end.  :)

3. A Great New Skill... I thought Sarah's logic was sound, even if her results weren't exactly correct. 

2. I Have Seen a Vision of the Future.  I'm not sure the story was as hilarious in print as it was in person.  But watching it happen was one of THE funniest things I have ever seen.

1. Natalie's First Birthday.  How could this not be my favorite of 2010? 

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