Sunday, March 18, 2012

Natalie has two mommies...

As we drove to church this morning, the following conversation took place between Sarah and Natalie:

Natalie: Sarah!  Give me my coat.  NOW.

Sarah:  You're demanding.  What should you say?

Natalie:  Please.

Sarah:  Please what?

Natalie:  Please may I?

Sarah.  Please may you what?

Natalie:  Coat! 

Sarah:  No, say the whole thing.

Natalie (She didn't actually roll her eyes, but I think she must have been doing so internally.  Her voice was starting to sound like she was):  Please may I have my coat? 

Sarah:  That's better.  Yes, you may. 

She does such a good job of mommying, doesn't she?