Friday, October 30, 2009

quote of the day...

"I hate tough love. It hurts!" So says Sarah. :)

Out of the mouths of babes.... ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've had pictures hanging out on the camera for awhile, needing to be transferred to the computer so they could be posted here. For some reason, I haven't gotten it done before now. And I don't remember the circumstances of all of the photos. Sigh. Oh, well--here they are anyway.

(I wish you could hear Natalie squealing and laughing right now--that would definitely be blog-worthy! I keep trying to get a picture of the HUGE, ear-to-ear grin she has on her face right now--but she stops smiling the instant the camera clicks. She starts again as soon as the picture as been snapped. I have all these pictures of a solemn baby, who was smiling and laughing a split second earlier and will be again a split second later. Sheesh.)

I think this was from when Natalie first started sitting up...

See how steady? She can even reach for toys!

Sarah likes to feed Natalie.

Should have cropped this picture...oh, well.

Anyone want to place bets on how long it will take me to get he pictures I took today on here? :-p

holy frijoles!

When Sarah was beginning to eat solids, as a first-time mom, I followed all of the "rules." We did rice cereal first, then other grains. We started with orange vegetables before green. We did veggies before fruits. I think I waited a week after each new food before introducing another. And so on and so forth. I was so afraid of doing something wrong.

I'm a bit more relaxed with Natalie. I've done a lot of just pureeing whatever happens to be in the house at the moment (or mashing it up, in the case of bananas), and we are adding new things all the time. She is a big fan of applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, and squash. She's not real sure yet what she thinks of avocado, carrots, or Cheerios. Teething biscuits are a hit. Tonight we're going to give peas a go. But last night she cracked me up completely with something that I did as a lark honestly.

I was making tacos last night. When I do homemade tacos, I like to have black beans seasoned with cumin and garlic. I got the idea of pulling out a few beans for Natalie to try before I seasoned the rest of the pot. I scooped some out, added the cumin and garlic to the rest, and finished up cooking. I didn't really think Natalie would go for black beans, but I figured they were easy to mash and good for her to try.

Oh, my goodness. Apparently Natalie is nuts for black beans! She absolutely scarfed them down. I could not feed her fast enough. And clearly I had NOT pulled enough beans from the pot. She had eaten the entire bowl and would kept going, but I had no more unseasoned beans to give her!

I think I'm going to nickname her "Frijolita". :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

typing with one hand

I seem to be doing that a lot lately. The other hand is always busy holding Natalie!

I know I said in the last post that the steroid regimen worked and that Natalie was getting better. Apparently I was a clueless idiot when I typed that. :-p This has been the cold from hell. She seemed to recover a bit, then she relapsed. We've run the humidifier, given Benadryl, rubbed her with Baby Vick's, sucked out her nose with a syringe, and so on. And still it went on. She coughed. She sneezed. She sniffled and snorted and gasped. She vomited mucus. But the cold wouldn't quit. It's like an uber-cold.

In addition, something (quite possibly all the mucus drainage) was causing her to make almost constant dirty diapers. I have done more laundry than I care to think about, honestly. At the worst of it her bottom got so red, sore, and irritated that it looked sunburned and she screamed every time I had to change her (which was a lot!). I have tried just about every diaper cream there is, plus a few unconventional home remedies!

Thursday was supposed to be a well-baby check-up for Natalie, but clearly she was not a well baby. Her cold has now begotten an ear infection, and she is on antibiotics. But (knock on wood!), they appear to be working. After so many days of dealing with a fussy, clingy baby, Natalie is happy and smiling--almost giddy. I can actually put her down, and she'll play instead of wail miserably. So hopefully, we're finally through the worst of it. Fingers crossed, anyway!

In other news, Sarah got a new book Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? She likes it because SHE can read it to Natalie! She is quite proud of herself. :) She also made up a cute little song the other day: "Daddy's girl...I'm a daddy's girl," she sang as she danced through the house.

Nelson's job continues to go well, and since he's working from home, he was able to take us to the doctor for Natalie's visit. My car currently has a dead battery, so this was quite essential indeed (I couldn't borrow Nelson's car; I don't know how to drive a stick shift!). We did have a snafu with his paycheck this week, and that has been VERY difficult to deal with. But we are hoping (fingers crossed again!) that it will be resolved Monday.

Please forgive any typos here--I sometimes bobble the keys with all this one-handed typing! ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sigh. I keep thinking of blog posts I need to write. And I keep not having time to get them actually written, or posted, or anything. :-p

I am such a slacker blogger mom.

Natalie is now 6 months (that's half a year!) old. Wow. She is eating rice cereal, applesauce, bananas, and sweet potatoes. She enjoys sitting up and playing. She smiles and laughs (especially at her big sister! She absolutely howls with laughter when Sarah starts jumping in front of her). She does this incredibly adorable thing where she grabs my face (or Nelson's) in her hands, pulls it to her, and puts my nose or cheek in her mouth. I think it's her way of trying to kiss us! :)

She has been sick this week. Saturday she started sounding congested, so I ran the humidifier that night and kept her home from church Sunday. By Sunday evening, she was starting to sound rattly and wheezing. So Monday, I took her to the doctor. She couldn't get in with our regular pediatrician, but another doctor in the practice checked her. He told me to give her regular doses of Benadryl to clear the congestion and prescribed a steroid for the wheezing, which he said was inflammation.

I was surprised; I had never heard of giving a baby a steroid. But it worked. It stopped the wheezing, rattling noise. She is now feeling much better. (A friend of mine said her daughter had gotten inflammation like this and had steroids prescribed a couple of times as well. I guess you learn something new every day.)

I need to get pictures of Natalie sitting up posted; I also have pictures of Sarah feeding Natalie. (Awww...) But the camera batteries are low, so that will have to wait for another day and another post.

Sarah loves Natalie and loves being a big sister. Still, sometimes her reactions to other people interacting with Natalie can be quite hilarious. One day when we visited my parents, Sarah walked into the living room to find my dad holding Natalie. "Why are you holding her?" Sarah demanded. "Are you bored or something?"

One day when Natalie was being particularly fussy and clingy, I jokingly told her that I was going to go crazy and that she was the reason. Sarah informed me, "She's not a reason! She's a baby!"

I also get a kick out of watching Sarah use her imagination. She decided to ride a horse one day. She brought one of her child-sized chairs into the living room. She placed the chair legs inside two pairs of shoes--those were the horseshoes!

(Caution: stop reading here if you are offended by language. It was unintentional on Sarah's part, but language was definitely involved.)

Sarah is learning to read. We have these cards that go over word families. She was reading cards that have words ending in "it." Sarah successfully read read sit, hit, bit, fit, etc. But she got to the words that have consonant blends (flit, spit, etc.) and began having a bit more trouble sounding the words out.

You know where this is going don't you? Yep, you guessed it. In trying to read one of the words (I don't even remember which one), Sarah read, "Sh*t." I didn't tell her it was a "bad" word, of course, but I couldn't help laughing as I said, "No, look again, that's not what it says." (I laughed pretty hard though.)

In the same session, Sarah got confused trying to read "spit." And she said "p*ss." We had quite the salty reading session that night! Ah, the adventures of homeschooling....

Okay, that's all for now (how could I possibly top that, anyway?). ;)