Wednesday, October 28, 2009

holy frijoles!

When Sarah was beginning to eat solids, as a first-time mom, I followed all of the "rules." We did rice cereal first, then other grains. We started with orange vegetables before green. We did veggies before fruits. I think I waited a week after each new food before introducing another. And so on and so forth. I was so afraid of doing something wrong.

I'm a bit more relaxed with Natalie. I've done a lot of just pureeing whatever happens to be in the house at the moment (or mashing it up, in the case of bananas), and we are adding new things all the time. She is a big fan of applesauce, bananas, sweet potatoes, and squash. She's not real sure yet what she thinks of avocado, carrots, or Cheerios. Teething biscuits are a hit. Tonight we're going to give peas a go. But last night she cracked me up completely with something that I did as a lark honestly.

I was making tacos last night. When I do homemade tacos, I like to have black beans seasoned with cumin and garlic. I got the idea of pulling out a few beans for Natalie to try before I seasoned the rest of the pot. I scooped some out, added the cumin and garlic to the rest, and finished up cooking. I didn't really think Natalie would go for black beans, but I figured they were easy to mash and good for her to try.

Oh, my goodness. Apparently Natalie is nuts for black beans! She absolutely scarfed them down. I could not feed her fast enough. And clearly I had NOT pulled enough beans from the pot. She had eaten the entire bowl and would kept going, but I had no more unseasoned beans to give her!

I think I'm going to nickname her "Frijolita". :)


Tana said...

next time you'll know to keep more aside!

Tara said...

too funny! :)