Tuesday, August 25, 2015

word cards for reading help

Homeschooling is always an adventure. You get into a rhythm and figure out where one child's sweet spot is and how they learn...and then you have to start all over again with subsequent children.

Like I said, an adventure.

Sarah learned to read quickly and fairly easily. It was like one day a switch just flipped in her brain, and she got it. She took off and has been reading fluently ever since.

It's been more of a process with Natalie. We've tried a few different things, and none of them really "clicked."

We're making progress now--slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

These cards are helping.

My grandmother found them at a yard sale years and years ago.

These are old and musty, and I doubt you can still find them (except at yard sales). But they'd be fairly easy to make, I'd think.

The initial consonant sound just folds over to make each word.

 You can make them very simple with just easy sounds like "m" or "b," or you could get more complex with blends like "sw" or "ch." These cards do a bit of both. Natalie is doing well with both so far.