Saturday, February 19, 2011

curiosity killed the cat...

Or in this case, the perfume bottle.  And my head.  And I think my dad's head.  And possibly an outfit and maybe even some carpet.

Oh, boy.  :-p

Fridays usually find us at my parents' house.  We all look forward to the weekly visit.  Sarah and Natalie especially enjoy playing with the children my mother cares for.  Since my parents added a new bedroom and bathroom to the house, the kids often play in the old bedroom, which is basically a guest room now.

My mom still keeps some things in that old bedroom though--including her perfume collection.  She has this pretty stand with glass shelves that holds all of her bottles of fragrance.  It sits next to a dresser in a part of the room that the kids don't use.  The little girl who is Natalie's age showed fascination with the perfumes, but Mom had taught her that it was off-limits, so it wasn't really an issue.

Natalie isn't there five days a week like Emma is though, and she hadn't quite gotten that whole "off-limits" memo yet.

Natalie wondered over to my dad early yesterday afternoon proclaiming, "Wet!"  Dad noticed that the front of her shirt and pants were indeed very wet.  He figured she had leaked through her diaper.  I picked her up to go change her and quickly realized that she was sporting a smell that was decidedly NOT diaper-ish.

Upon examination of the bedroom, several scattered bottles of perfume were discovered.  A bottle of Oscar de la Renta was emptied completely.  There was a large, fragrant spot on the carpet.  Natalie and the room both reeked.  Perfume is great in small quantities, but there was nothing small about this.

My head hurt from the fumes, and my mother is still working on trying to get the smell out of Natalie's clothes.  I don't know HOW she'll get the room de-odorized.

This is not usually what one means when one tells of a "stinky mishap" a child has had!

Natalie also managed to mark my dad's footstool with a Sharpie and close herself into the bathroom in an attempt to squirt soap everywhere.  She had a GREAT day!

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