Monday, February 28, 2011

a conversation transcribed

For breakfast this morning, Natalie ate a piece of cinnamon swirl raisin bread with butter.  She ate the butter off first, which led to the following conversation.

Natalie: More butter.
Me: Where's the butter you had?
Natalie (looking around and lifting her hands in a shrug): Butter...where?
Me: Yes, where did it go?
Natalie (a repeat, almost exactly, of her above response)
Me: Where is the butter?
Natalie: Butter car!
Me (laughing): The butter went in the car?
Natalie: Yes.
Me: The butter isn't supposed to go in the car.  It's supposed to go in your tummy!
Natalie: Oh.  Cute! 
Me (still laughing): Eat your bread.
Natalie: Eat supper!

Sooo...if you happen to see any butter driving around in a car today, please send it back to us.  Apparently it's Natalie's escaped butter from breakfast (or supper, according to her!)