Wednesday, February 23, 2011

menu plans and mosaics

Well, remember when I said that having a migraine made me feel more like plucking out my eyeballs than cooking?  Well, it doesn't make me feel like planning to cook either.  And that boxed mac and cheese came in very handy Monday evening.

So Menu Plan Monday didn't happen, and I'm just winging it this week.  Thankfully, we have enough on hand that winging it is easy.  :)  Last night we had pork, green beans, and cinnamon raisin bread.  Tonight it's a chicken and rice dish.

In other news, Sarah has this "mosaic" art set.  She loves creating "masterpieces" with it.  The box promises that it is a "mess-free" activity.

The box lies.  Either the creator of this activity never met a child, or I simply have a very unique and talented daughter.  There are little adhesive mosaic pieces all over the house--on the furniture, the floor, our clothes, Natalie's hair, etc.

The pictures do look pretty when she's finished though.  :)


Leah said...

Is there really any toy that could be classified as "mess free?" I mean, I know my kiddo can make a mess with very little...even imaginary toys! :)

So, I thought I had you added to my blog list...not sure what happened, but I hope it is ok to put you on my blog roll!

karen said...

Glad it's not just my kid. :)

And yes, that's fine.