Thursday, February 21, 2008


Looks like I missed a day! :( Does it count if I say I DID write a blog post yesterday--I just posted it on Spark People instead of here? :-p

Okay, so I agree that's cheating a bit. How about the fact the post on Psalm 32 was so stinking long it counts as two posts? Does that work? No?

Well, then, here's my final offer: I'll post twice today (later with a picture!). Does THAT make up for being missing in action yesterday? Whoo-hoo! I think we have a winner! :)

Sarah has two toy magic wands. They make noises and are great fun. I had to vacuum today (always a pleasant experience!), and Sarah came up with an idea for those magic wands! I pitched the idea of using the wands to magically clean the floor so that we didn't have to vacuum at all, but oddly enough Sarah rejected that one. Her thought? Use the wands to "magic" (yes, she uses the word as a verb, ala Calvin and Hobbes: "Verbing words is fun!") herself so that she wasn't bothered by the vacuum anymore! "Let's do that tomorrow!" she says. Who knows? Since it was her idea, maybe it will actually work! (Not holding my breath on that one, but hey, you never know!).

See you later! Picture to come!

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