Sunday, February 10, 2008

more musings about Lent

Sorry if I'm boring anyone! But I am really getting a lot out of focusing more on the spiritual aspects of Lent this year. I enjoyed the Advent study Sarah and I did together this year, and I would love to find a similar one for Lent but have not as yet. So I'm just fumbling along. Fortunately, I have a wonderful church and a terrific pastor to help in this quest. :)

For Lent, we have started a series of sermons highlighting some Psalms. Today's Psalm was 138. It begins with David speaking of "giving thanks" to God. And apparently the phrase has a connotation of publicly acknowledging God's work. After all, psalms were hymns of worship, meant to be sung and shared. We are to be openly sharing all the many things God has done for us and all the reasons we personally have for praising him. The pastor shared a story of a missionary working in a country where the people didn't have a way to express "thank you." Rather, they would say, "I will tell your name." That is what we do: we tell God's name as we share how He has worked in our lives.

Later in the Psalm, David mentions God's word being exalted above God's name. Given the importance placed on God's name in Scripture, this can be somewhat surprising. Our pastor quoted a commentator who spoke of "word" as being a specific answer to prayer for David. In other words, God answered a prayer in such a dramatic, mind-blowing way, it topped everything David thought he knew about God. Haven't we all had that experience? It is amazing and humbling to look back at those times in our lives when God did "exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we could ask or imagine." Then, following the idea in the first verse, we share that experience with others, so that they may join us in praising His name.

Finally, the worship leader talked about finding ways during Lent to remind ourselves of our need of God. Whether that is through some kind of fast or sacrifice, or through a more concentrated time of prayer and Bible study, we put ourselves in a place where we can reflect on just how much we are in need of Christ. Then, when the season of Lent culminates on Easter morning, we will truly be in a mindset to celebrate, to exult in God's gracious provision for us!

To keep this post from becoming too "heavy," here's a quick story from last night. As my mom was giving Sarah a bath, Sarah asked to use the potty. Mom got her situated on the toilet, and Sarah said, "I need you to give me some privacy now."

Finally, I will close with a couple of Sarah pics for you to add to your collection. After all, I'm sure you can't possibly have enough already, right? ;)

Here is Sarah playing dress up with one of her many costumes...

Sarah winking and giving a "thumbs up!"

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Tara said...

I love the info about Lent Karen! It gives me a lot of food for thought. In my family, Lent was always a Catholic thing and since my dad left the Catholic church, he's been somewhat anti-anything Catholic! Anyway, great post!

Sarah is crack-up! I love the hula girl outfit!