Friday, February 8, 2008

post of misc. ramblings :)

Okay, the title says it all, so you've been warned. ;) I'll start with the cute Sarah stuff that the family loves, then meander a bit. So fasten your seatbelt, and here we go!

I've mentioned that Sarah's Uncle Dave got her a Scooby-Doo toy for Christmas. Sarah loved it from the get-go. She sleeps with Scooby every night, and carries him around with her during the day. Yesterday as she got up from her afternoon nap, she grabbed Scooby and called him her "snuggly treasure." Sweet! (She got that phrase from a book we have, but I still found it endearing that she applied it to her Scooby). Kudos to Uncle Dave.

Long time readers might remember my post on Nov. 1, 2007 regarding language. Here is another example of its misuse. Sarah was attempting to trace her foot today, and commented that she was tracing her "feets." Darn that English language--so confusing with all of its contradictions and exceptions to the rule! You go to all the trouble to learn that adding "s" to a word makes it plural, then a whole bunch of "special cases" get tossed at you! Sometimes I think there are more exceptions to the rule than there are times when the rule is valid. :-p

There are many bloggers in the Internet world, and I must admit that I have my own "blogging heroes." These are blogs that are "super-star" blogs in my mind, with deep, thought-provoking posts, or high readership, or both. The blog I linked to yesterday is one of those. I own Deborah Taylor-Hough's cookbook, subscribed to her e-newsletters, and been an avid reader of her blog for a long time. She is an amazing Christian woman and an excellent writer, and I know many read her blog regularly. Wonder of wonders, when I linked to her yesterday, she came to check out my blog. Even more amazing, she referenced me in a post of her own and linked back to me today! It's like being noticed by a rock star or something!! Thanks, Debi!!! :)

And along that thought-provoking idea, I loved the post that she wrote. She talked about the idea we have of a fast being to give something up (fasting for Lent certainly, but even just fasts in general). And any time I have attempted a fast, it has been along those lines--no soda, no radio in the car, no computer usage, etc. But perhaps it's time to broaden our idea of a fast. Debi's post referenced Isaiah 58, which talks about God's chosen fast...and it describes fasting *to* something rather than *from* something. God tells His people to be active in fighting against evil, ending oppression, helping the poor, etc. They are to be adding things, rather than subtracting them. Not to say that we are never to fast *from* something (after all, Jesus did do a "traditional" fast in the wilderness for 40 days), but maybe we should broaden our definition of fast to include a larger range of things.

Once again, here is the link to Debi's blog if you want to read the post. I promise I won't link to her every day, but I did love this one!!! :)

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