Friday, February 15, 2008

Sarah's first crush?

Today Sarah and I had plans to meet Mike and Mumsy at the Atlanta Bread Company in Johnson City for lunch. Sarah said she didn't want to go to the Atlanta Bread Company; instead she wanted to visit Stargate Atlantis! (This is the name of a show on Sci-Fi that Nelson likes to watch). And she really, really wanted to see "John Colonel Shepherd." (Colonel John Shepherd is the show's main character). She looked for John to arrive all through lunch. And when we were heading home, she protested that we had not seen "John Colonel Shepherd" yet, so we couldn't possibly be ready to leave! She was sooo bummed, not seeing him. I told her that John probably had to work and couldn't get away from the Stargate! ;) This seemed to satisfy her.

Now she is telling me to call "John Colonel Shepherd." "He's still on his way here," she insists. So maybe Sarah has her first crush...on a fictional character. Lol. Hey, at least that's less complicated! :) (And she has good taste--the actor who plays Colonel John Shepherd is handsome!). :)

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