Thursday, February 28, 2008

doctor visit and early literacy

Sarah's cold took a turn for the worse today, and she woke up feverish and lethargic. So off we went to the doctor for Sarah to get "docked." The doctor checked her breathing and ears, then ordered a nasal swab to test for flu and blood work to test for walking pneumonia. Thankfully, both tests were negative (and Sarah never made a peep when the tech was drawing her blood--brave girl!). We came home with a list of recommended OTC drugs and dosages. Basically we need to try to keep her fever down and keep her comfortable.

While we waited for the test results, I let Sarah use a pen and paper to keep her occupied. I noticed something quite interesting. When I gave her a sheet of notebook paper, Sarah drew pictures--mostly faces of people she knew. But when I let her use a blank page in my day planner, she didn't draw pictures--she "wrote." I'm sure we all remember those scribbly lines that kids draw to write "words" when they don't know how to form letters yet. Those lines are what Sarah wrote in the planner. I found it very interesting that she drew on notebook paper, but "wrote" in the planner. I wish I had some pictures to include--maybe I can post those later, and you can see for yourself.

I have a bit of a cold myself that Sarah "shared" with me. While we waited for the test results, Sarah listened to me cough and drew a picture of "sick Mommy." She told me I needed to be "docked" as well!

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