Thursday, November 6, 2008

time change woes

Since last weekend returned us to Eastern Standard, as opposed to Eastern Daylight Time, we've had to work out a few kinks. :-p

1) We overslept for church Sunday morning. No, we didn't forget to change our clocks. Yes, we got an extra hour of sleep automatically. Yes, we managed to oversleep anyway! Apparently extra sleep is addictive, and we got sucked in.

2) Sarah and I drove home from Greeneville in the dark Monday evening. Sigh. This necessitated rerouting our drive home, because it isn't a great idea for me to drive my beloved back road in the dark. And unfortunately, the safer alternate route takes longer.

3) Yesterday Sarah napped for a very long time (over 3.5 hours!). I am of the opinion that if a child sleeps that long, it is because she's tired and really needs it. So I let her sleep. But it was getting dark when she woke up, and that really freaked her out. I had to reassure her that she had not "slept all night in her clothes." This took a few minutes. After all, it was dark; it must be nighttime! :-p

We will adjust of course. Unfortunately, by the time we do it will be just about time to switch our clocks back to Daylight Saving Time! :-p

And on a side note, I haven't forgotten to post vacation photos. They ARE coming! :)

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