Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it's a....

GIRL! Sarah will be having a little sister. The ultrasound tech said she got a good, clear shot (plus, my dad thought it was a girl, so what more do you need?). ;)

The baby seems to be doing well, is growing nicely (now a whole 10 oz.!), has all the essential body parts, etc. The heartbeat is good and strong, and we even got to see some wiggling fingers. :) Fun!

I have several pics, and if Nelson will help me scan them in tonight, I will post them. :)

Sarah is adjusting a bit to this girl idea. Although she started out insisting it was a girl, she soon changed her tune and decided she wanted a brother...and she was just as insistent about that! At some points, she said she wanted one of each (which may happen one day, but not this pregnancy!). But mostly, she just wanted a brother. So she was a bit taken aback by this whole sister thing. But she's coping. :) And she's got several months now to get used to it. So I think she'll by fine by April. :)

And we have a ton of hand-me-down clothing we can use!


Jillian and Crew said...

yippee a girl!

we loved being able to recycle all the clothes (and toys!) it is such a $ help!

Tara said...

Okay, now that we're really getting into the pregnancy and you know you're having a girl...I think it's about time for a BELLY PICTURE!! And monthly belly pictures up until April.

All your loyal readers will love it, believe me.