Friday, November 14, 2008

October in Pigeon Forge--last day

So we roll around to Saturday, October 18...time to head back home after a long, enjoyable, exhausting week. Sarah was in tears over leaving our lovely mountain cabin (to be honest, she still asks if we can go back).

I hope I have given an adequate glimpse of our week's activities and experiences. I wasn't able to include as many pictures as I would have liked, so I tried to make up for it with descriptive text. Not sure if I succeeded in that or not. But hopefully you were able to tell that we had a great week overall (one or two things didn't go quite as planned), and we're looking forward to wherever we go in 2010 (although Sarah is rooting for the cabin again!). :) Cue the music: "Thanks for the Memories!" ;)

One last family photo before we saddled up to leave:

We all arrived home safe and sound (although I did have a Coke spill in the car, and I had a very long, wet ride home). :-p I've already blogged about the rest of our Saturday back at home. You can find that here if you want to read it again.

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