Friday, November 7, 2008

October in Pigeon Forge--Day 4 continued

When we headed out Monday night to eat at Bennett's and browse Christmas Place, we saw several little amusement park-type places with various rides and go-cart tracks. Nelson and Nick really wanted to try out one of the go-cart tracks. Sarah really liked the idea in theory. I headed off to my spa day thinking that even though Sarah was sad about not joining us, she would surely cheer up once she got to ride the go-carts with her daddy and Uncle Nick.

Or not.

Apparently, Sarah only likes the idea of go-carts. The actual experience itself did not please her. At all. You see, Sarah has a problem with noise. She doesn't like vacuums, or blenders, or even public restrooms with their extra-loud toilet flushes. And a wooden go-cart track is nothing but loud and noisy. Sigh.

But after riding a lap with Daddy, Sarah got to hang out with Grandpa and man the camera. Or woman the camera. Kid the camera, maybe? That part she liked.

But she still hasn't forgiven me for not taking her to the spa. :(

Here are some pictures from the "guys' day out."

Goofy guys...

You can just barely see Sarah riding with her daddy...

So the ladies enjoyed their day, and the fellows enjoyed their day. However, the end to my day didn't go so well. Just before bedtime, a migraine struck. I had been doing so well for the vacation thus far, and I knew we were headed to Dollywood the next day. :( And while I LOVE being pregnant, it does create a problem in the headache department. All you can take is Tylenol. Which in the case of migraines is to say you have no options whatsoever, because Tylenol is worthless. I took some anyway, hoping that if I did that and went to bed, I might get some relief.

Alas, it was not to be. More on that when I write up Wednesday's summary, though.

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