Friday, November 23, 2012

Better late than never....

Sliding in under the wire as far as updating today.  I don't have any words of brilliance, and I'm typing on the iPad so you'll have to ignore any weird autocorrect quirks.  But I'm here.   "hey, I wrote something!"

We spent a lazy day at home, chilling out and watching movies.  I avoid Black Friday craziness like the plague.  I might see if there are any good Cyber Monday deals.  I encourage you to see if any of your favorite local businesses are participating in Small Business Saturday tomorrow.

Have a good night!


Tara said...

I like the new blog background you added! The blue is pretty.

I told Nick I never realized how many great online deals there were on Black Friday. I always avoid it like the plague too, but I think next year it might be worth saving some extra money to shop online at least! I'll be safe and comfy at home in my pajamas. :)

karen said...

Yeah, I got bored. ;) And if I'm going to have to look at this blog every day, it might as well have a pretty background to look at, right?

Oh, yeah, you can get some rockin' good internet deals. Used to be all the good online deals were on Cyber Monday, but I've noticed in the last couple of years a lot of sites do hefty Black Friday discounts as well--maybe to discourage some of the in-store insanity!

Tara said...

Yes! :)

Money Saving Mom shared a ton of great deals all day yesterday. It was great; too bad I had no money to spend! :P

karen said...

I hear you on that! :-p