Sunday, July 20, 2008

some pictures that never got posted

Sometimes things don't get blogged as quickly as they should. :-p Here are some pictures that we had taken on our cell phones but never managed to get them off on to the computer. They aren't really in any particular order, but I will describe the situation for each picture as best as I can. Hopefully I won't have forgotten anything important! :-p

This is from our backyard. Nelson was outside with her. Sarah said she was taking care of her garden. Hopefully she won't inherit her Mommy's black thumb! :)

Having fun trying on a hat in a store...

This is from yesterday. We were at Wal-Mart, and the greeter nearly always gives Sarah some stickers. Sarah is the one who decided to tape her mouth shut!

These last two pictures are actually from awhile back, when Nelson was lawnmower shopping. Sarah liked this lawnmower at Lowe's. Alas, this isn't the one Nelson selected.

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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