Tuesday, July 15, 2008

political ramblings

Yeah, I know...two main rules of polite society interaction are "Don't discuss politics or religion." And here I am getting ready to do both in a single post. :-p Apologies in advance!

One thing I pray for each day is revival. I think our nation desperately needs it. Not "revival services" like some churches hold, but a real revival. The kind where humans have little to do with it; it's all God's word being the water that cleanses and the Holy Spirit being the fire that falls. The kind that leads to the conversion of nonbelievers and the repentance of those who are already saved.

I have heard much weeping and wailing among Christians over the upcoming elections. Neither of the candidates suit. Much is said about choosing "the lesser of two evils." And the election of either candidate is bemoaned as the downfall of the country. Either one will bring it into ruin. The debate is which will do so more.

I must honestly confess that I do have my fears about the upcoming elections. I haven't even decided for whom I am going to vote. I am wrestling with many issues--what would be the best for the country? More importantly, what would God have me do? It's all confusing and troubling.

But this morning, as I had my prayer time, I pulled out a card I got from Pray magazine called "Prayers that Birth Revival." Since today is the 15th of the month, I went to number 15 on the list of things to pray for. And its suggestion for today's prayer was this: "Pray that we [Christians] would not trust in military strength, financial might, or political power to solve our difficulties. Pray that the Scriptures would guide all decision making." (emphasis added).

I still don't have any answers for the upcoming election. But God is still sovereign. I will continue to pray for revival, continue to pray for the church to trust Him rather than political power, and continue to pray that the Bible will guide all my decision making.

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