Tuesday, July 8, 2008

guacamole chronicles?

Yeah, I think this blog may be mis-named. After all, most of the posts here are about Sarah. And Sarah loves guacamole more than she does pancakes!

Case in point: my dad treated us to supper out last night. So we headed to Salsarita's for some tacos and quesadillas. I chose chips and guacamole for my side item (of course). I offered to share my guac (is that love or what?) with Sarah. Her response? "No, I want my OWN guacamole!" (Or as she pronounces it "glock-a-mole"). The people behind the counter give you somewhat strange looks when you order a kid's meal, but ask for guacamole instead of cheese dip! :) My little budding gourmet!

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