Thursday, July 31, 2008

fun with bubbles

A couple of nights ago, while I cooked supper, Nelson took Sarah outside to play with her new set of bubbles. Truth be told, I think they both had a great time. :) Check out all of the bubble fun!

No, Sarah was not the one who created this rather large bubble. ;) Nelson's handiwork is now immortalized. :)


(^oo^)my bad girl (^oo^) said...
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Tana said...

wow, you had to delete someone?
anyway...wicked bubbles. sean says, "bubbles! mommy, want pop bubbles, pleeeeease?" lol

karen said...

Yes, how annoying to have my blog hijacked. :-p

Tara said...

Did someone leave a rude comment earlier?

I love bubbles! You got some great pictures here too Nelson. :-)

Nelson said...

Thanks. After I blew the first couple of huge bubbles, I realized I should snap some pics. This one died a second or 2 after the shot close to the ground. A few minutes later, it got too windy to blow bubbles more than about 5 inches across.

I did have one huge one, though, that floated for 2 or 3 minutes before it finally met its demise. It went up as high as the top of our house!