Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the world according to Sarah

Sarah always has a unique take on things, and sometimes she amuses me with how she looks at something or how she chooses to express herself. So here are a couple of funny stories from this weekend!

Nelson is frequently on "sound duty" at church, and he is actually in charge of that particular ministry. Sarah has heard him mention numerous times "I've got sound tomorrow" or "I've got sound this week." Well, all week long last week she would proclaim, "I've got sound tomorrow!" So I would just tell her to do a good job.

Fast forward to Sunday. Nelson did indeed have sound duty, and when that happens he has to be at church early. So he has already been there for quite some time when Sarah and I arrive. We got there this Sunday, and Nelson was in the sanctuary at the sound booth while Sarah and I waited in line to get her checked in to her classroom. Sarah caught sight of her daddy while we stood there. He waved, and Sarah immediately burst into tears. (I think she wanted to go help him with sound!). She was still whimpering when she got to her classroom. Her teacher, surprised because Sarah is usually so happy, urged "Sarah, use your words and tell me what's wrong!" Sarah's response? "My words left." Apparently there just weren't any words for the emotions of that particular moment!

I attend a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in Kingsport. This past Friday they were having a special Kindermusik demonstration. Sarah was sooo excited--two Kindermusiks in one week! Does it get any better? However, when we got to the class, she really didn't seem to enjoy it and she didn't participate very much. I was surprised, but I figured it was just one of those things.

We got up yesterday morning to get ready for our normal Kindermusik class. I told Sarah we needed to get ready for Kindermusik. She frowned slightly. "Kindermusik at MOPS?" she asked. "No, this is your normal Kindermusik with Mrs. Hawk," I answered. She looked at me. "And you won't be there, right?" she asked. Lol. Apparently, now that she's "graduated" to the next level of Kindermusik where you go without Mommy, she wasn't too happy on Friday to take a step backward and have me hanging around! So I assured her that no, I wouldn't be staying. She was content and had a great time yesterday! :)

One of the activities in Kindermusik yesterday was drawing a map. Mrs. Hawk put whatever the children wanted on the map. Sarah's request? Outback Steakhouse! She has only eaten there once, but apparently it made a big impression on her because she builds it with blocks and puts it on her Kindermusik map! Lol.

Sarah made up a bedtime story for me the other night titled, "Atlanta Bread Company, by Star Wars." ;) And never fear, we videotaped the event, so soon you will be able to watch her spinning this yarn. :) Stay tuned!

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