Saturday, March 1, 2008

"water" play

Obviously February in East Tennessee is too cold for real water play, but that is no deterent for a three-year-old with an active imagination! Sarah wanted to play in the water, so play in the water she did! She stripped down to her diaper, the took the box that her diapers come in and climbed inside it so she could play in the "pool"! After a few minutes, she stepped out of the box and wrapped herself in a blanket to "dry off." She did several rounds of "in the pool, out of the pool."

After she finally tired of playing in the diaper-box-turned-swimming-pool, Sarah decided that her tea set dishes needed to be "washed." She took a wash cloth and begain scrubbing them vigorously. "Daddy!" she called. "Come help me wash dishes! It's fun!" If only washing real dishes with real soap and water were that enjoyable!

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