Wednesday, March 12, 2008

multi-post day ;)

Yeah, I know I've already posted twice today, but I have had two very entertaining conversations with Sarah and I want to get them on here before I forget them! (True confession: there were actually 3 conversations I meant to post, but I've already forgotten one of them! So you can see that time is of the essence!). :-p

The first exchange took place this morning. Sarah asked me to twist the top off of one of her toys for her. I did, but 5 minutes later she was back, wanting me to take the top off the exact same toy! :-p "I already did that once!" I told her. Her response shows the incredible negotiating skills of a three-year-old: "But once means 1, 2, 3, 4!" she insisted. So in her mind, if I do it once, I have to do it four times! Sheesh! :-p

Conversation # 2 took place at a local restaurant. We ate supper at home, but decided to go out for dessert. While at the restaurant, Sarah enjoyed talking with the little girl at the table next to us (she seems to find a friend wherever we go!). "I'll come over to your house!" Sarah told her new friend excitedly. "You can't do that!" the other girl protested. "We don't know each other!" Sarah contemplated this for a moment. "Oh," she said. "Rats!"

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