Saturday, August 2, 2008

where cars go to die

Several weeks ago, Nelson's car was having trouble. He couldn't get it running well enough to drive it to work that day, or even to bring it all the way back home. He ended up having to park it in the lot of a hotel. Sarah and I went in my car to pick him up there.

Fast forward to today. We were driving by that same hotel. Sarah noticed a truck in the parking lot. She said mournfully, 'That truck is dead."

"Oh? Is it?" Nelson asked, not realizing the location of the truck she was referencing.

In truth, the truck was fine. Sarah just assumed it was dead because it was in that same parking lot where her daddy's car had been when it died.

Maybe I should take my car to that parking lot. Maybe it would help it run better! :)

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Nelson said...

I don't want to think about cars right now. Karen's car is in a coma right now. Razzle-frazzle heater hoses blowing and causing the ratsafrickin head gasket to blow. Grrrr!