Friday, August 15, 2008

Sarah's unusual dish

As I type this, Sarah is playing with her play dishes. She is "cooking" from a "recipe" (a real estate flyer). And I must say, this is one of the most unusual dishes I have ever heard of! So far, it has cheese, 4 scoops of butter, oranges, garlic, eggs, sauce, and "twenty ten cookies from a shoe!" It will be interesting to see what we get when this concoction comes out from the "oven" (conveniently located under the couch). :)

Happy Friday!


Tana said...

are you sure it isn't twenty TIN cookies? lol

karen said...

Lol! No, counting is one of those things she hasn't quite perfected yet. She does real well until she comes to numbers like 29 or whatever. Then she thinks that "twenty ten" should come next! ;)

Nelson said...

4 scoops of butter? Paula Deen jr!