Saturday, August 2, 2008

art imitates television

We have been watching some of the episodes of Doctor Who lately. Sarah is fascinated. In the recent season finale, the Doctor and his companions fought the enemy the Daleks. Of course, they were victorious.

The appearance and the actions of the Daleks concerned Sarah somewhat. She asked questions, most of which could be answered with "They're bad guys." She accepted this. (Ah, the simplicity of a child's moral structure!).

Later, Sarah was drawing in her notebook. "I'm drawing bad guys," she explained. She had to put the notebook away for awhile (we had to run an errand). When she came back to it, she said, "I need to finish my Dalek."

I wonder if the BBC would be interested in her representation of their space monsters? ;)

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Heather said...

James does this too!! It's really fun to see what he gets out of whatever he's watched :)