Friday, August 8, 2008

funny song

As I was logging my food into Spark People and catching up on emails, Sarah was behind me brushing my hair (she likes to do this frequently). After a few minutes, I noticed she was singing while she brushed. She was not singing a familiar kids' song; rather she was making up her own lyrics to a nameless tune. The lyrics don't necessarily go together; they were very stream-of-consciousness. But they were pretty entertaining! Here are some of the highlights of her little ditty.

"Mommy's car is so sick, but we have a Taurus...the car needs a doctor; Doctor Who will come and doctor it...running through the long grass is Wow Wow Wubsy...the hairbrush tickles; tickling is fun..."

Top 40, here we come... ;)


Nelson said...

That's hilarious! Although, I'm not sure I'd want the good Doctor working on the car. I mean, he can't even fix the chameleon circuit on his own space ship!

Tana said...

rofl today, mommy's hair, tomorrow, a world-famous pop-singing hairdresser.