Friday, November 23, 2007

various stuff from this week

Hmm, I guess it's been a few days since I've updated this! Oops! Oh, well, I'm sure everyone has been too busy with Thanksgiving preparations to even notice! :) Anyway, I'll just take a quick minute to summarize some of the highlights from the week.

We'll start with Sunday (good place to start, huh?). We went to church as usual. During Sunday school, when storytime was over and the kids were just playing freely, Sarah was a pirate! She had a hat, an eyepatch, and a toy sword, and she went around saying "Arrr!" I wish I'd had a camera with me, but I don't usually take it to church. So you'll just have to use your imaginations!

After church she summarized the Sunday school lesson with "God made everything. He made the grass and trees and the Lord!" I never could quite explain to her that God IS the Lord. God made everything; therefore, He must have made the Lord! She was quite insistent. Ah, the theological ramifications of this....

Monday Nelson had a paper he had to do for school. Sarah tried unsuccessfully a few times that evening to get her daddy to play with her, but he kept telling her he had to do his homework. Finally, Sarah went to go get her markers and her big drawing book. She settled down next to Nelson and told him that she was going to do her homework as well. She continued this the next morning; the first thing she told me when she woke up was that she needed to get her homework done. What a studious family I have!

Sarah is very particular about certain things. She has a good bit of those firstborn perfectionist tendencies. She has a pair of pink and purple bedroom slippers that she had not worn in quite some time. Tuesday evening she was trying to use a pair of red shoes as her slippers, but they were too small. Her toes were getting squished. I told her she ought to wear her pink slippers instead. She said disdainfully, "I can't wear those! They have a string!" Well, I went to look at the offending slippers and sure enough, a purple string hung loose from one. Nelson cut the string, and Sarah declared the slippers fit to wear! She's been happily wearing them every since!

Wednesday we did make it to Kindermusik (yay!). I didn't manage to get there with the camera though. :( But Sarah had a great time singing, dancing, and playing the handbells.

Once Kindermusik was over, we visited with my parents for awhile. My dad took us out to lunch, then treated us to coffee and hot chocolate from the coffee shop. Sarah LOVES hot chocolate. She tolerates the hot liquid better than any child I have ever seen. Starbucks actually sells a child-size cup of hot chocolate, and she is just delighted to have her own cup to drink while I have coffee and Nelson has chai. The coffee shop we visited on Wednesday didn't have a child-size cup, so she wasn't able to finish it all, but she still really enjoyed it.

For Thanksgiving, we headed back to Greeneville for lunch with my parents, then drove to Erwin to see my grandmothers. It was a damp, dreary day, and the weather is really getting colder, but we did have a lovely Thanksgiving celebration. :)

One last little story before I close this epic-length post (I shouldn't try to do a whole week at once!): as we drove to Greeneville yesterday, Nelson quoted something and said, "Thanks to Charles Schultz." Sarah responded, "Thanks to Charlie Brown!" I have NO idea how she knew to associate Charles Schultz with Charlie Brown--maybe it was just a coincidence. But it was pretty funny!

I have a friend who posts video clips on her blog, and maybe one of these days I'll figure out a way to do that as well. Until then, you'll just have to be content with text and occasional pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! :)

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