Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back from the doctor!

Whew! What a day! It seemed like such a normal day. Sarah was playing happily (wearing her Cinderella dress, of course). She has a game she plays quite frequently using either the linen closet or our bedroom closet. She likes to either open the door and say, "I'm going to work now! Have a good day!" and shut herself inside, or she will knock on the door so that I will ask, "Who is it?" Then she responds, "It's me! Sarah Elizabeth Butterworth!" Well, today she was playing in the linen closet, as she has so many times before. I was in the living room working, when suddenly I heard a thunk and a scream and Sarah's hysterical crying. The iron (like you use to iron clothes) had fallen from the top shelf of the closet and hit her in the head! We put an ice pack on it right away, but I couldn't get the bleeding to stop. So we headed to the pediatric after-hours clinic when Nelson got home to get her checked. She seems to be fine, and her head is now sporting Dermabond. (Sarah says, "They're going to glue me!"). I do have to wake her up a couple of times during the night tonight to make sure that she's okay--wakes up, is responsive, is coherent, etc. And I'm to keep an eye out for any changes in speech or motor skills or anything like that. But the doctor seemed quite positive that everything's okay. When she examined the wound, she said it all looked good. Head wounds just bleed a lot. It's quite a relief that all is well.

Sarah, meanwhile, has not been nearly as upset over this whole event as I have been. She cried quite hard for a few minutes, then got over it. She's been playing happily and seems to be her normal, cheerful self. She's a tough girl!


Grandma B said...

Praise God -- Sarah and her parents have survived! Looking back, it's near miraculous that any of us survived -- first childhood, then parenthood.

Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Sarah...I am so glad she is okay!