Wednesday, November 14, 2007

miscellaneous stuff from today

Well, I had a completely different blog planned for today than what I am actually going to be able to write! Life's funny that way, I guess. :-p Anyway, as I'm sure you all know, today is Wednesday. Wednesday is a highlight of Sarah's week. We have to get up earlier today than any other day of the week, but that's okay because it's for a good cause. :) We head for Greeneville on Wednesdays for Sarah's weekly Kindermusik class! It's approximately a 45-minute class, and Sarah LOVES it. We are on our fourth semester-long class, and we've done two short summer classes as well. The program is extremely developmentally appropriate (all my early childhood education training coming out there), but it's also fun! Sarah gets to sing, dance, learn fingerplays, listen to stories, and play musical instruments. We also get a package of take-home materials with each class that includes a CD, an instrument, a book, and some other things.

So I had planned to take my camera today, and take pictures of Sarah enjoying her class. But alas, I wasn't able to do that. I mentioned in Monday's post having some eye trouble. I've been to the doctor, I have new glasses and a new set of contacts ordered, but they are not here yet, and I canNOT get my left contact in for anything. My left eye is just too irritated. And trying to drive to Greeneville half-blind didn't seem like a very good idea! So we stayed home today. :( Sarah is quite bummed about this and keeps insisting that it's not too late to go to Kindermusik. She has a second reason that she is saddened too; since Kindermusik is in Greeneville, we always go visit my parents once class is over. So she's also asking about her "Mike and Mumsy." (I'm sure that they are a little blue over the missed class/visit this week as well, truth be told).

Anyway, as she's played today, she built a tower of Legos that she has named Garrett (one of the kids she plays with at my mom's house). She has fed "Garrett" spaghetti and ice cream, and at one point put the Legos on the couch next to her and told me that Garrett was driving her to Mike and Mumsy's and that they had both buckled their seatbelts. She also had to "fix" Garrett's eyes at one point, because they were "broken." I think she's been paying attention to my eye trouble and our trips to the eye doctor! Lol.

So here's hoping that on some other Wednesday I will be able to take pictures of the beloved Kindermusik class! Until then, here's an older picture from a class a couple of semesters back. Hope you enjoy it! :) And check out if you want more info about the program and its available products. :)

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