Monday, July 23, 2012

end of Fun Fest

Saturday is the last day of Fun Fest.  We came, we ate, we walked around, we listened to the last bit of the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.  (Really, you should see Natalie rocking to "Sweet Home Alabama."  Priceless.)  Then we watched the fireworks. 

Sarah watched the fireworks jumping up and down with excitement the entire time.  She particularly liked the heart-shaped fireworks and the smiley face ones.  Natalie kept exclaiming, "Good job, multicolored fireworks!  Do your stuff!" 

Here are some of the shots from Saturday evening.

Natalie hamming it up for the camera.

This cracks me up.  Sarah looked up right at the wrong moment and got surprised by the camera. 

Natalie wanted a picture with her daddy.

Natalie doing her She-Ra impersonation.

Crowd shot.

More of the crowd.

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