Tuesday, July 17, 2012

fun fest adventures

It's the week of Fun Fest here.  We always enjoy many of the offered activities.  Sunday was "Farm Fest," and the girls had a great time...well, Sarah had a great time.  Natalie did too, up to a point.  But by mid-afternoon, she was WAY overdue for a nap and it SHOWED.  Finally, she had the biggest meltdown known to mankind (yes, if you heard a screaming hissy fit Sunday afternoon, it was probably her), so we left. 

I only had my phone available for picture taking, so I don't have many shots and they aren't very good.  But hopefully you'll enjoy them anyway. 

Sarah got to try her hand at good old-fashioned weaving.  She was very meticulous about it.  

Watching the experts.

Both girls liked the dulcimer.  I guess those Kindermusik classes have made an impact, huh?

This was funny.  It was a demonstration of composting.  Sarah watched and listened, but she did NOT want to touch the stuff.  Natalie, however, reached right in and grabbed the biggest handful you've ever seen.

Stringing green beans. 

Making sauerkraut. 

A cup of water--cinnamon water!  I'd never even heard of such a thing, but it was refreshing.  I may have to try to make some.  :)

The hay was a big hit.  Both girls spent a long time playing in it, running through it, rolling around in it, and throwing it at each other!  :)

Bunnies!  They were so cute and cuddly.  I wish I had better shots of each girl holding a bunny, but I don't. 

We also toured the garden, Sarah and Natalie washed handkerchiefs to hang on a line, and we saw horses, cows, and chickens.  Natalie said the chickens were the most beautiful she'd ever seen.  She talked about the horses for ages...right up until she saw them.  When we got close enough to interact with the animals, Sarah petted a horse and brushed another one.  Natalie clung to Nelson and refused to touch one.  Then she promptly spent the entire ride home wailing that she'd wanted to pet a horse and "Daddy wouldn't let" her. 

Did I mention she really needed a nap?

So we went home, and she slept for eons.  She awoke in a more pleasant mood, although still kind of bummed about the horses.  However, there were more Fun Fest activities to come. 

To be continued...

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