Sunday, July 22, 2012

balloon glow

Friday night at Fun Fest is Balloon Glow.  Hot air balloons look very pretty when they fire up in the dark (or twilight, as the case may be). 

Unfortunately, I am a lousy photographer and I didn't get any shots that did justice to the experience.  But you can still see what I did get. 

One of the balloons going down.

Another balloon goes down. 

No, my children didn't draw these.  The children of a friend of mine did.  But I thought they were cool. 
Nelson took pictures of Saturday's fireworks.  Rest assured, he took much better shots than I did. 


Carey said...

Hey! those are my kids' hot air balloon drawings! : ) I didn't know you guys were down there last Friday!

karen said...

:) I think those were the only decent pic I got!

According to Andy and Julie when we bumped into them, we didn't miss you all by much. We did a fair amount of wandering around before we got down to where you had been though.