Thursday, March 12, 2009

tidbits from today

It's been a long, busy week, but I did want to document a few moments from today. Again, since this blog serves as something of a scrapbook, these are things I know I'll want to remember one day. :)

The first is from the this morning. I had just finished my shower, and I was applying Palmer's Cocoa Butter to my skin. Sarah decided that she wanted to pamper her mommy a bit. It was very sweet, having her gently rub lotion into my belly. Yes, all together now: awwww....

Later this afternoon Sarah was having an attack of "daddyitis" (she really wanted him--right then). Of course, Daddy was at work. But we talked about him. Sarah said she really loved her daddy. I agreed and said that she had a very good one. She said, "Yes, God gave him to me. He gave me you too." And she snuggled in for a hug and a kiss. Yes, more warm fuzzies!

My marvelous sister-in-law sent me these terrific cloth diapers. They are so adorable that one almost hates to use them for their intended purpose (not that I'm going to let it stop me!). Sarah oohed and aahed over them. Then she got one of her stuffed animals, a monkey, and snapped the diaper on him. Then she proclaimed he had a "stinky" diaper, and she changed it and "washed" the dirty diaper. Oh, that she would do this for real when Natalie arrives. Somehow, I'm doubting it though....

Finally, sometimes Nelson is able to instant message with us while he is at work. Sarah LOVES this. She mostly types gibberish to him, but sometimes she will ask me how to spell words and she will carefully find and type the letters I say. She is also really fond of the emoticons. During today's chat, Nelson typed "lol" at one point. Since Sarah was having me read his responses, she asked me what "lol" meant. I told her that meant Daddy was chuckling. Sarah liked this...and she immediately begin using the letters appropriate times, even!

Here is a record of their chat. Everything listed under my user name (karegrace) is actually Sarah typing. I did not type any of it, although I did tell her how to spell some words (lol not being one of them!). :)

(3:25:40 PM) karegrace: 4233576777
(3:26:20 PM) karegrace: hi
(3:32:24 PM) karegrace: daddy
(3:32:58 PM) karegrace: 2120254
(3:35:23 PM) NlsnBttrwr has gone away.
(3:35:23 PM) NlsnBttrwr has become idle.
(3:37:26 PM) NlsnBttrwr is no longer away.
(3:37:26 PM) NlsnBttrwr is no longer idle.
(3:37:47 PM) NlsnBttrwr: good job, sarah
(3:38:53 PM) karegrace: karen
(3:40:31 PM) karegrace: hggfhjhgjkhgjkhgjkfhgjkfhgkjfdhgkhgfhghfkghfdkghgkhfkg ggfjdg gghdfgh gsgh fg fhd gfhd fgdf fgfgf fff fgdfdghfdsdghfdgfdsghfdgdgfgsdfdsgfsdghfdgf fdsgfdghfffffdgfgdfff gdfgdfgdsfgdsfgdfsagdfdfgsadfsgfdgasdfgadfgdfgashfdhsad fd df dfgd sfdgsafdf dsfd dsgfd fdgsfdgs gdfsgh gddfs dgdf gdfsghdf dgfsdg dsfsgff d fg f dsgf ds gdsg fgdg hd
(3:40:34 PM) NlsnBttrwr: lol
(3:40:50 PM) NlsnBttrwr: i'll be right back
(3:41:09 PM) karegrace: lol
(3:44:26 PM) NlsnBttrwr: aback
(3:44:47 PM) karegrace: fjgdsgfg
(3:44:58 PM) karegrace: czvz
(3:45:09 PM) karegrace: zoo
(3:45:20 PM) NlsnBttrwr: zoo? you're an animal?
(3:45:41 PM) karegrace: 8-)
(3:45:58 PM) karegrace: jjfhfdhd
(3:46:16 PM) karegrace: =-O
(3:46:24 PM) karegrace: fhghjhgdhgdkhgdkj
(3:46:39 PM) karegrace: O:-)
(3:47:14 PM) karegrace: crown
(3:47:18 PM) NlsnBttrwr: lol
(3:47:28 PM) karegrace: lol
(3:47:43 PM) karegrace: :-$
(3:48:12 PM) karegrace: gdhdghsdgfs
(3:48:34 PM) karegrace: :-*4gd6
(3:48:54 PM) karegrace: hhggyyhyfgtyrrtytyrreef
(3:49:18 PM) karegrace: :-!
(3:49:46 PM) karegrace: hjttj
(3:50:35 PM) karegrace: gfggttggyeyrthjggftyhfggdgft
(3:51:10 PM) NlsnBttrwr: you're quite the prolific writer today
(3:51:27 PM) karegrace: lol
(3:51:46 PM) karegrace: :)
(3:52:24 PM) karegrace: fffggfghbv
(3:53:22 PM) karegrace: zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop1234567890
(3:54:03 PM) karegrace: degfgrghgtgrg54444rrrrrrrrrtrygty33tyeyrtyyyr
(3:54:47 PM) karegrace: 1112122222345657890qwertyuiopasssssssssdfghjlzxcvbnm


Tana said...

hahaha...that's awesome!

Heather said...

So FUN!!!! James loves to IM with my mom, it's adorable!
What a sweet little girl you have!