Sunday, March 22, 2009

miscellaneous Natalie updates

Many readers will already know the whole "scoop" regarding last week. Some may not. And there are a couple of new tidbits at the end, so here goes....

Tuesday (March 17) I went to my doctor for what was supposed to be a routine office visit. Sarah was of course with me, as always. She hadn't slept well the previous night, so I was planning to head straight home from the appointment for lunch and an early nap. I knew an ultrasound was scheduled, but I've had several of those and didn't think anything of it. I also knew my doctor was on vacation and that I would be seeing the midwife. Again, no big deal, right?


Nothing really went right that morning, and things quickly went from bad to worse. Sarah, who has been successfully drinking from a cup for ages now, and who never needs a change of clothes during the day, decided she wanted a cup of water. I got one. While the technician did the ultrasound, Sarah managed to spill that cup of water not once, not twice, but three times! Once she dropped the cup completely, sloshing most of the contents on herself. She was soaked. And if you don't know Sarah, she doesn't like to be wet or messy AT ALL.

Ultrasound finished, we got to an exam room to wait for the midwife. I'm thinking it will be good to get home, get Sarah into dry clothes and then have that lunch and that nap. But no. The midwife comes in with the news that the ultrasound has revealed a drop in my amniotic fluid levels. Before I even have a chance to ask exactly what that means, she continues, "You need to head on over to Labor and Delivery and get checked in. I hope you have someone who can come take your child. I've talked to your doctor, and he's thinking whether he wants to come in tomorrow evening or Thursday morning to do a c-section."

I am reeling by this point. There are no other words for it. She just launched into this little speech, and I wasn't even sure at first that I was hearing her correctly. I think I sat there just gaping for a moment. "Check in?" I think I finally managed to ask. "To the hospital? I'm not going home?!"

No, not going home. So Sarah and I walk over to get checked in, pausing long enough to make two rather frantic phone calls. One was to my parents: "Can you please come get Sarah?! I'm apparently having a baby either tomorrow or the next day!" One was to Nelson: "We're apparently having a baby tomorrow or the next day!" Poor Nelson; chaos was reigning at work that day, with servers crashing and another IT co-worker already out with his wife's medical crisis. So Nelson wasn't going to be able to leave right away. He spent most of the day not really knowing what was going on with me (not that I knew much either!), but not able to leave and come find out!

As we were taken to what would be my room, Sarah is getting more and more unhappy with this turn of events. Five nurses were in with us at one point, all trying to engage Sarah in conversation. Normally friendly, she was freaked out enough this day that she backed away in the corner. She protested when I changed out of my clothes and put on a hospital gown. "No, Mommy! I like your clothes better!" When it was time for a nurse to draw blood, Sarah yelled at her, "No! Don't do that!" Poor kid. She's already exhausted, wet and miserable, and now all these crazy things are happening. Fortunately, a nurse turned on the TV and lo and behold, there were the Wiggles! Whew!

I was placed in bed and hooked up to a fetal monitor. Around 12:30, a nurse told me that the midwife would be back to talk with me "soon." There was now a possibility that I might be sent home that day and told to come back Thursday for another ultrasound. However, I couldn't eat lunch, "just in case." The anesthesiologist came to talk with me "just in case."

My parents came and Dad took Sarah to lunch. Mom waited with me. By 2:00, I still had not seen the midwife again. Now I was told that the other doctor in the ob/gyn practice would be the one coming to talk to me, and that he would make the decision. He would be there "soon." By 3:00, I still hadn't seen him either, but I was allowed to eat lunch. I ate, and waited some more. My parents left with Sarah. Nelson came when he got off work. I ate supper. And still we waited.

The doctor came in at 8:40 that evening. He said he wanted to keep me overnight and do a biophysical profile in the morning. If that went well, I could go home, and come back Thursday to see my regular doctor, have another ultrasound, and make a game plan depending on those results.

The biophysical profile Wednesday morning went very well. I was even showing increased fluid levels. I was discharged and went home to rest. Thursday morning's ultrasound also showed normal levels of fluid. They also did a non-stress test (more with a fetal monitor), but that was fine was well. My regular doctor laughed at me, saying that Natalie and I were just trying to cause trouble while he was on vacation.

So I am still pregnant, and Natalie seems to be doing just dandy. I go back for another "routine visit" on Tuesday, but I think I'll take Nelson with me...just in case. :-p

I am currently at 37.5 weeks. And boy, am I uncomfortable. I am having Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel a lot of pelvic pressure and soreness. It's a bit painful to walk. Or stand up. Or climb stairs. I feel the urge to "nest", but I lack the physical ability to do so. Nelson's happier with me resting anyway (I joked at one point that even though my doctor had not put me on bed rest, my husband had!). My due date is April 8, but I'm not entirely sure we'll make it that long.

I did have a baby shower at church today. :) That was fun, and I got some wonderful, practical gifts. A friend of mine is already lining people up to feed us after Natalie comes. She even has the list of my food sensitivities, and is passing them along. I think we're as ready as we can get. I would like to get the house more organized...but I'm not sure how much of that I'm going to be able to do. I am exhausted, and I hurt. Natalie may have to live with disorganization for a bit. I think we've got the essentials though. :) was everyone else's week? :)


Jillian and Crew said...

That sounds like fun! it just me or does the second one take longer to get here?

Tara said...

oh honey...I'm sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable. I hope Natalie comes at least on time if not early!

I'm so happy to hear that everyone is take such great care of you though! That makes us feel very relieved since we can't be there to help.

Hang in there love...Miss N will be here soon. You're in our prayers!

Tana said...

it can never be simple, can it? i don't envy you a bit, but at least it shouldn't be much longer and then she'll be here and it will all have been worth the fuss and trouble.

Rodriguez family said...

Wow! What an adventure! We'll be praying for you!