Wednesday, September 3, 2008

day to day

I keep forgetting to update daily or almost daily. It's not that Sarah isn't being her usual entertaining self. She is. But my brain is addled these days (go figure). So I'm a bit behind. Sorry about that. But here is my wee attempt to catch you up on the goings-on around here. :)

Sarah has been on a Cinderella kick lately (I know, I know, big surprise). But it's taken a slightly different twist. Instead of her dressing up in her costumes, she is dressing me up (jewelry, shoes, etc.) and telling me that I need to go to the ball to dance with the prince. Then she grabs Nelson and tells him that he's the prince. He needs to go to the ball and dance with me and fall in love with me. We've done several rounds of this particular game.

Sarah has also been having fun painting her fingernails these past few days. She has a very kid-friendly nail polish; it washes right off. So each day after her bath, she has a "clean slate" so to speak on which to start again. She has painted her nails several days in a row, and these last two days she has always been painting mine! I have had lovely bright pink toenails two days in a row now. :)

Sometimes Sarah likes to play in empty laundry baskets. She pretends she is taking a bath. Today she was playing as usual, but she got stuck. :-p Opportunistic blogging mom that I am, I took a picture before I rescued her! ;) Enjoy!


Tara said...

How did Sarah get stuck?

karen said...

Well, you can't really tell from the picture here, but usually the basket she is playing in is on the floor or the bed. This time it was on top of another basket. When she climbed inside, things got a bit precarious. Each time she moved in the basket, it tipped a bit more. She couldn't get out without knocking herself and the laundry basket in the floor. So I got her out--after the photo op. ;)

Tara said...

Ah! Okay, that makes sense now! :-)