Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a new Kindermusik class begins

Sarah started a new Kindermusik class yesterday. The theme is Cities: Busy Places, Friendly Faces. She learned the term "glissando" and actually isn't too bad at doing it with her voice. She says that going up is harder than going down. :)

I got to thinking about all the Kindermusik classes we've done. If you count the shorter summer units, this is Sarah's ninth Kindermusik experience. We have an assortment of books, toys, instruments, and CDs from all of the various units. Unfortunately, her teacher says this will probably be the last class she teaches, so we may either have to give up the program or find a new teacher. We're not sure which yet.

As an early childhood education major, I have always been impressed with how developmentally appropriate the classes and curriculum are. The designers of the program have done an outstanding job. Sarah has learned a lot, while having fun and making new friends. She is always excited to hear that it is the time for her class and always eager to go. That says quite a lot. :)

Sarah, hard at work on the puzzle/game that came with the take-home materials. You can also see a booklet from a previous Kindermusik class nearby. :)

The posed shot...

The CD, parent book, and the instrument for this unit: resonator bars. They're loads of fun, but I think they will end up being more annoying than last spring's drum...

In other news, I had a quickie doctor visit today. This was mostly informative in nature; I was given several pamphlets to look through. I also had to sign some forms, including one saying that they could do random drug screenings. How sad that they even need to do that, huh? But oh, well. They're not going to find anything testing me, so it's not really a big deal.

Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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