Thursday, September 25, 2008

classic tv, pt. 2

I have posted previously about Sarah's love for the classic Dick Van Dyke Show. Recently, she has also begun enjoying washing MASH with Nelson. Anyone who has watched MASH knows that Jamie Farr played the role of Klinger. However, before his role on MASH in the 70s and 80s, Farr often played a delivery boy on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Yesterday, Sarah didn't feel well. I let her have a lazy day watching TV, and she chose to watch Dick Van Dyke. As she was watching, the delivery boy entered the office. Sarah looked at him. She looked back at me. "Mommy, is that Klinger?" she asked. I told her yes, the actor was the same as the one who played Klinger. But "actor" doesn't mean much to a 3-year-old. To her mind, it WAS Klinger. "Klinger is on the Dick Van Dyke Show now!" she exclaimed excitedly every time Farr appeared on the screen.

In other news, Sarah has discovered a love for mimosas. Don't worry; I'm not boozing her up. ;) I make them with orange juice and either Sprite or ginger ale. To her, it's a really special treat. She does have a hard time pronouncing mimosa though. :)


Tara said...

I'll have to tell Nick that Sarah shares the same love of his favorite comfort drink. He will only drink orange juice mixed with Sprite when he doesn't feel good!

karen said...

Lol. Well, Nick's of age--he could drink a real mimosa if he wanted to! ;)

Jillian and Crew said...

Karen- So great to "find" you in the blog world! Yay! for baby number two! Aren't they so much fun! Sarah is a doll!

I guess our blog pretty much updated you on us. We hope to have the two boys we are adopting home around Dec or Jan!

Are you in JC or Greenville?

Keep in touch!