Friday, June 13, 2008

visit to the museum

Last Friday, my parents took Sarah to the Hands-On Museum in Johnson City. As the name would suggest, this isn't a museum where you simply walk through viewing exhibits. Rather, it is chock-full of things to DO. There is a construction zone, a grocery store, a TV studio, an indoor playground, a theater stage, a music room, a bank, and an animal exhibit, just to name a few items. To get a better idea of all the museum has to offer, click here: Doesn't it look like fun?

Of course, Sarah had a great time. She studied the fish, "bought" items in the grocery store, wondered through Noah's Ark, and played on the playground. But her favorite part was the dress-up stage!! (Yes, they did have a few princess outfits, but we didn't get pictures of those).

All in all, a very fun day! :)

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