Friday, June 13, 2008


Last night, we attended a dinner at our church. It was designed to honor everyone who volunteered in some capacity, and since Nelson is such a dedicated worker in the sound booth, we definitely qualified! :) They catered in barbecue for us to enjoy, and they even provided a karaoke machine for our entertainment! The church staff sang first, and later on the elders also did a number. All the dinner guests were invited to participate as well. Nelson joined a group from our table in YMCA (I don't think he was particularly happy about this turn of events). As others started to get brave enough to try it, Sarah headed for the stage so she could dance and play the tambourine to the music! She happily did this through several songs...then she got a hold of the microphone. She and another little girl spent several minutes just talking and giggling into the mike. But later on, Sarah actually joined our pastor's daughter singing "The Farmer in the Dell." Sorry, we don't have any video (you'll have to use your imagination for that), but we do at least have a picture. So here is Sarah's first experience at karaoke--and she was sober! ;)

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Tara said...

Where are the pictures of Nelson singing YMCA?!?! :-)